Sam is a mesmerising performer, gifted with the talent to arouse the soul with haunting melodies laced with poignant lyrics sung with his trademark transparency of spirit.

Compared to Jeff Buckley, John Martin, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Waits, Sam is a soulful writer and performer with a restless creativity, conveying a personal blend of Electronic, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Indie.  This young and gifted 20-something artist humbly plies his craft with a focused sincerity, and has created a style his own: consistently delivering on his reputation as a bewitching live performer.

In 2016 Sam performed at the prestigious Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, Nashville, Tennessee, where he sang to an entranced audience at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville.  Sam also performed at 'The Factory' in Franklin Tennessee.  This event was filmed by Music City Roots and beamed live into 60 million homes across the U.S.

In 2017 Sam was taken under the wing of legendary American record producer Tony Visconti (producer of scores of albums by major artists including: David Bowie, T.Rex, Paul McCartney, Damon Albarn, Moody Blues, Marc Almond, Kaiser Chiefs, etc). Visconti’s mentorship led to Sam working closely with music icons including Stuart Copeland, Nitin Sawhney, and Imelda May, and performing live at Union Chapel London supported by legendary saxophonist Howie Casey and top afro-urban band the Compozers.  Sam’s mentorship under Tony Visconti was featured on a SkyArts documentary ‘Tony Visconti’s Unsigned Heroes’.

“All I’ve Seen’ reveals an album with a vital spirit, enriched by a deep well of intense imagery…

Wickens builds his sonic labyrinth, and there have been few releases this year more fun to lose yourself in.”

Ben Magee,

“Lead single “Ravens & Crows” is one of the album’s highlights. Its mournful string section and up-close vocal delivery adds to the drama of the chorus’s punching beat, pounding like a fist on a table to drive home a point.”

Daniel Lynch,

"his voice is just sublime.. Phenomenal"

Imelda May

“Breathtaking debut album”

Hard Working Class Heroes 2018

Hard Working Class Heroes 2018

"absolutely haunting and delightful.."

Scott Jung, American Songwriter

Sam performing an acoustic version of his recently released single 'Falling'...


‘Ravens & Crows’ single - Now available on all digital platforms


“Wickens’ voice is a light in the darkness; revealing the grace in accepting anguish. His rawness and utter emotional clarity have stunningly transformed pain into beauty… ‘Ravens and Crows’ is a mournful tribute to the poetic art moulded from pain, a breath-taking piece of music from a very talented up and coming artist.” Amy Heather,

‘Falling’ single - Now available on all digital platforms

iTunes Button (via

“‘Falling’ is one of the most sincere songs we’ve heard in a long time... ‘Falling’ marks Wickens as a welcome discovery and promising addition to Ireland’s folk scene.“

Ruth Cronin - Nialler9

“It is incredibly rare to hear a bare, human voice in the midst of electronic music... The vibrato Wickens employs for his falsetto gives the impression of weeping. This effect, far from vapid, is incredibly moving, full of pathos. It recalls Bowie’s rendition of Wild Is The Wind. The singing is theatrical, absolutely – but in a way that brings the audience closer.”

Eric Krewson - The Chairman Dances

‘Cliffside’ single release - Available on all digital platforms

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‘Send Me;’ single - Available on all digital platforms


"Sam is an incredible singer-songwriter and performer.  It's only a matter of time before everybody will hear about him.  He's going to be big!"

Moya Brennan, Clannad


"An incredible talent, not just as a songwriter.. there's something about his voice that is really amazing!  This guy is definitely a proper talent... absolutely amazing, an astonishing voice.."

Ralph McLean, Local Voices, BBC Radio Ulster

"what he has to offer to the world of music is like nothing you hear hailing from our fair shores."

Hannah Goodall, Chordblossom

Physical 'Send Me' EP CD  available  ONLY  at the following outlets:

Dawsons Music, Royal Avenue, Belfast

Tower Records, 7 Dawson St, Dublin 2

Head Record Store, Castle Court, Belfast

Track Record Store, Hill Street, Ballymena

Sam Wickens is supported by Help Musicians UK

Sincere Thanks to...

‘All I’ve Seen’ Artwork by Peter Strain

Brian Baillie: Freelance Writer

Photography by Julie Ann RouquetteMichael Barbour 

EP Painting by Belinda Larmour 

EP Artwork By Sarah De Sousa & Sam Wickens

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